Idea generation, as the name suggests is the search for new and innovative ideas. There are namely two types of idea sources for a business, internal and external. Internal ideas come from within the business whereas external idea sources come from distributors, suppliers, and even competitors.

Once the idea generation stage is over, the next stage is to screen the ideas. During this stage, the generated ideas are categorized into good ones and bad ones. A large number of ideas generated in the first stage is narrowed down to a few viable ones.


Concept development and testing is essentially the development of meaningful concepts and then testing them to see whether these concepts are actually viable. The concept development and testing stage are vital to product development as it determines whether the product works for the masses.

The marketing strategy development is crucial once a promising concept has been conceived, approached, and tested. The marketing strategy will help determine the target market and the proposed sales, market share, and profit goals of the product.


Business analysis is the stage where the benefits to business are evaluated. This is done by inspecting the sales history of similar products and analyzing how such products have been able to sell in the past.


During the product development stage, manufacturers will start the production process by developing a prototype and then a few physical versions of the actual product. After development, these versions are subjected to rigorous testing processes which will determine if the further production is required.



The test marketing stage is a very important stage in marketing a product. During this stage, a marketer is able to understand how the product will perform in the market and allows the marketer to hold back on the full-fledged marketing of the product.



Once the desired information is obtained from test marketing, the decision to launch the product is made if the outcomes are desirable. Else, the launching is canceled or postponed. Once the product is ready to be launched, the commercialization stage involves introducing the product to the proper market, at the proper time, and in the proper place.



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Boundless Designs uses AutoCAD software for professional design and technical product documentation.


We utilize an assorment of conventional CNC technoiques including Milling Maching, Turning Maching and Lathe’s.


For 3D CAD utilize engineering-specific 3D Modeling software to create functional ready for prototyping and manufacturing product designs.

Water Jet

Precision Water Jet Cutting solutions abvailable for unique and difficult water jet cutting requirments witrh a tolerances to .005.

DFM Manufacture

Our Design for Manufacture includes the standardization of materials and components, designing for assembly efficiency

Laser Jet

Laser Jet CNC Machining for a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, plastic, acrylic, rubber, wood etc.


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